Music Seminar in Kitakaruizawa 2021

Charles Neidich, Music Director

2021 Virtual Kitakaruizawa Music Seminar

In this time of great distress, art and music has the power to bring the world together and as musicians, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to pass on the skills we all need to become ambassadors for art and humanity. With this in mind we have decided to take the Kitakaruizawa Music Seminar online. Our world renowned faculty will include Ayako Oshima and myself, Charles Neidich, and guest artists, Harri Mäki, Andrew Simon, Xiangyu Zhou, and Lorenzo Iosco. Our philosophy of cooperation instead of competition is all the more important today. Admission does not require an audition, only desire. We invite clarinetists, clarinet students and music lovers from all over the world regardless of location and time and hope to create a virtual festival which will be both profoundly educational and very exciting.

We look forward to meeting all of you!

Charles Neidich and Ayako Oshima

DATES: August 1 - 15, 2021
Application opens at 9am (NY time) on July 1st, 2021

Please see the link below for details:

Please see the link below for details:
Please see the link below for details:

北軽井沢ミュージック・セミナーは、昨年2020年に引き続き、今夏も「Virtual Kitakaruizawa Music Seminar」としてオンラインで開催します。

受講のお申込み受付開始:2021年7月1日 午前9時(ニューヨーク時間)
講師:Charles Neidich・大島 文子
    Harri Mäki・Andrew Simon・Hana Kim・John Yeh・Lorenzo Antonio Iosco・Xiangyu Zhou


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